Steiff Brings Characters To Life

Steiff has a history of creating some of the most beloved characters in their own traditional style, while capturing the essence of what made these characters so charming.

Mickey Mouse 1932 Edition

Walt Disney himself asked Steiff to create the original in 1932

The Mickey Mouse 1932 Edition is a replica of a classic Steiff piece that Walt Disney himself had asked Steiff to create. 80 years after the original was created, Steiff has released a new 2016 version of this classic rendition. This version which Steiff has classified as an Archive Edition is a new classification given to specific pieces that are chosen to be re-released from the Disney vaults.

He is made from Trevira velvet and all wool felt with eye pieces cut from leather. This special design is called a pie eye cut and is a trademark of the classic edition that this is based off of. Mickeys outfit is a perfect match to the character from this period.


Dumbo 75th Anniversary Edition

Created for a special 75th anniversary, this Dumbo is sure to warm your heart

Another character that Disney fans have been dying to see in Steiff form is Dumbo. For the 75th anniversary of the release of this classic film, Steiff has granted their wish. This version of the cherished little elephant that teaches us all the power of self confidence is absolutely adorable! Steiff is confident that you will love him. He is made of mohair and all wool felt and his embroidered eyes perfectly match the character from the film. The artisans at Steiff have truly outdone themselves with this representation of everyone’s favorite Disney elephant. Your heart will soar when you see him and you will feel like you are flying with him.

Speedy Gonzales

Andale Andale! Arriba Arriba!

Another new Steiff edition that is sure to get your energy going is the new Speedy Gonzales. Epa Epa!

This editionĀ is the perfect likeness for the famous character, known as the fastest mouse in Mexico. His embroidered eyes and nose look just like the animated version, and Steiff has even included a little tuft of hair peaking out. From his yellow sombrero to his red hankerchief no detail is overlooked.Anyone who loved this character from the cartoons is sure to fall in love with this special edition. You can just imagine him using his super speed to get some cheese and outrun that silly gato.

Daffy Duck

This Daffy Duck is far from despicable

Among the classic Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and the Tazmanian Devil, one of the most famous and popular is the screwball character Daffy Duck. Looking at this edition, brings back memories of all his crazy antics and adventures. Whether it be his adventures as Robin Hood or his run in with the abominable snowman. He is handcrafted from mohair and trevira velvet. His embroidered eyes perfectly capture the character’s expression and his smile is sure to bring a heartwarming grin to your your face.

Overall, these new editions are sure to lighten the spirit of any fan of these classic characters. Steiff continues their long history of creating editions of the highest quality that bring these classics to life.


Steiff Partners With Disney To Bring Fabulous New Editions For Fall 2013

Mickey Mouse by Steiff

This famous mouse is now brought to life by the wonderful artisans at Steiff

Who’s The Leader Of The Club?

Few companies have a tradition of bringing smiles to people’s faces like Steiff and Disney. Now, Steiff has renewed their partnership with Disney and created new editions of some of its most popular characters.

The first Steiff Mickey Mouse made his appearance in 1931. Entirely handmade, just as Mickey was manufactured 83 years ago, he is sewn from the finest mohair. Mickey stands 9 inches tall and is jointed at the neck. Everything on this creation is a perfect representation of the classic Mickey: his trademark smile and eyes, his white gloves and double-button pants, and of course, his ears!

This special edition is a must have for both Disney and Steiff lovers.

Minnie Mouse by Steiff

Minnie makes the perfect companion

Mickey and Minnie are an inseparable pair. So it’s only natural that Steiff introduces this immortal duo together. She is also 9 inches, sewn from the finest mohair and jointed at the neck.

Sweet Minnie looks as if she jumped right out of an old classic Mickey Mouse cartoon. She has a blue polka-dot skirt and is topped off with her yellow hat that is decorated with a darling felt flower.

Minnie and Mickey have been a couple for over 85 years, and Minnie was even the passenger for MIckey in the historic cartoon Steamboat Willie. Couples with this longevity are rare in Hollywood nowadays, but this couple continues to go strong, and Steiff celebrates this long love with two marvelous editions.


Winnie The Pooh by Steiff

A beloved new Steiff edition

One of Disney’s most beloved characters of all time is a wonderful little bear named Winnie The Pooh. From the classic Winnie the Pooh books written by A.A. Milne and illustrated by E.H. Shepard, this endearing bear has been a favorite of children and adults alike for generations.

At 10 inches tall, Pooh is made of the finest blond mohair and five-way jointed. He arrives just as happy as could be and wearing his classic red shirt. This new edition is absolutely delightful, and is sure to bring a smile to any fan of this bear. Just like the famous quote from the original book, you will never forget this Winnie The Pooh, not even if you live to be one-hundred.

Nemo From Steiff

This modern Disney character is the first Nemo by Steiff

For the fans of Disney adventures from the modern era, Steiff is producing this wonderful rendition of everyone’s favorite clown fish, Nemo. Measuring 6 inches long, Nemo is sewn from orange and white mohair. He is detailed with embroidered eyes and airbrushed accents. Not forgetting a single detail, Steiff has made one of his fins slightly smaller than the other, due to a barracuda attack that occurred when he was an unhatched egg.

Whether you are a fan of the classics, or you love the modern computer generated characters from the Disney library, Steiff has something for you. These new editions are sure to warm the hearts of any Disney or Steiff lover, and you are sure to find the perfect edition for your collection.