Steiff Releases A Very Special Pair Of Teddy Bears

Every year Steiff has a festival in Giengen, Germany at the Steiff Museum. This year, the Steiff Summer Family Party was held from July 1st through the 3rd. As part of the annual celebration Steiff will release a new Teddy to be sold at the festival, but this year they made two.

Summer Festival BEar Set

What a colorful pair with a striking band of flowers to hold them together.

The Summer Festival Bear Set is colorful pair that shares a very special link that is created from their band of flowers. They are each a precious six and a half inches and made of turquoise and white mohair with contrasting stitched claws and noses that match their partner.

Limited to only 500 pieces this set was created to commemorate the 2016 festival – very few remain available to the public.

summer festival bears flowers close

What a lovely way to show this pair's special connection - a striking floral band.

The flowers on the band are red and white with green leaves. The red is especially striking against the turquoise and white mohair of the Teddys. The band is removable so the bears can be separated.

The Steiff designers have crafted a truly exquisite edition with these Summer Festival Bears. The combination of the cool turquoise colors accented with the ruby red roses makes an incredibly striking set.

The Fall 2016 Steiff Will Bring The Holiday Spirit To Your Summer

When you think about the middle of July, Christmas doesn’t jump to mind. But annually, Steiff releases their Fall line which includes their holiday editions and it brings a hint of holiday spirit into our lives in mid-summer. Whether you love Santa Teddys or more traditional Christmas editions, you will find something this year to love.

Mr and Mrs Clause

Mr and Mrs Claus are celebrating the holidays in the snow

Mr and Mrs Claus are 2 delightful new editions from the Fall 2016 Steiff line. Each is a festive 5.5 inches tall, made of cinnamon mohair and dressed in their classic Santa Claus attire. Their outfits are made of red felt with fur trim and as a special, final touch, each outfit is embellished with tiny holly leaves and berries. This merry couple is sure to bring some cheer into your holiday decor.

Steiff Nativity Scene EAN 021664

A delightful nativity scene featuring 3 Teddys and 2 manger animals

As a more traditional Christmas item, the 2016 Nativity Scene is a wonderful edition featuring 6 different pieces – 3 Teddys including a little baby Jesus Teddy, 2 animals, and a wooden manger. This scene has been represented many times through history, and now Steiff has created their own wonderful edition. The Teddys and animals are made of mohair, while the barn is made of spruce. Mary and Joseph are 4 inches tall and 5 way jointed. Joseph wears a frock while Mary wears a wool dress with golden trim and a understated cotton veil. Baby Jesus is swaddled in a blanket made of wool-felt. This beautiful edition is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and is a perfect piece to decorate your home for the holidays.

Reindeer Teddy EAN 021732

This Teddy is ready for some reindeer games

A fun and delightful edition that just screams holiday cheer, this Reindeer Teddy is an incredibly fun and festive bear. He is 12 inches tall and made of tipped mohair, but what brings a smile to everyone’s face is his adorable Christmas outfit. His red had is trimmed with a material that has a bit of sparkle and of course, the topper is his wonderful antlers that are made of wool felt. As a final, festive touch, his chest is adorned with satin bows, a bell and felt holly leaves. If ever Steiff has made a more festive Teddy, this guy is sure to give them a run for the money.



A Loving Addition To A Steiff Favorite

Little Tina And Little Tom

What a perfect pair Steiff has created

In 2015 Steiff released a new take on on their classic line of Teddy bears. Little Tom was a handsome bear but with a new, incredibly playful look that would melt the heart of a millennial as well as the heart of a collector of the classics. He was a big 22 inch bear that was meant to be hugged, and his smile would make you want to do just that. And for 2016, Steiff created the perfect companion for this revolutionary littlew Teddy – Little Tina. Her apricot-clored coat is the perfect compliment to Little Tom, and herĀ  face is so adorable that it is really no wonder that Little Tom can’t look away.

Little Tom

A handsome bear for a new age

Little Tom was created to form a bridge between the old and new. His traditional body and old-word hand crafted quality reflect back to an older time where toys were meant to be cherished for a lifetime. His curly schulte mohair is tipped with a darker brown shade, creating wonderful swirls of color and adding a richness to his coat. But then Steiff created that face. A sweet, big-eyed face that is a wonderful combination of traditional Teddy bear design and lighthearted fun. It is a perfect paring of classic Teddys and modern bears that are created in artist studios.His shaved muzzle and delightful smile are perfectly executed to create a warm and inviting expression that is sure captivate any Teddy bear lover.

Little Tina

A perfect partner for a perfect Teddy

So then Steiff asked what could make Little Tom even better? Well how about we create a partner for him that is made with the same values and qualities as Little Tom. And Little Tina was brought to life. Little Tina was created in the same huggable size as Tom with all the quality you would expect from Steiff. But again, this beautiful girl had a distinct face and expression that was a beautiful combination of classic and modern design principles. Her satin bow was the crowning final touch for an enchanting Teddy.

With Little Tina and Little Tom, Steiff shows that they are looking to the future while still holding on to the principles imparted by Margarete Steiff that made them great for over 100 years. Whereas trends and fads may come and go, quality made editions and solid design are always in fashion. Steiff has shown that they have a firm grasp on these principles and are able to incorporate new and fresh elements while still creating an heirloom quality Teddy that will be a family treasure for generations.




2016 Steiff Goes On A Picnic

Steiff picnic Teddy Bears

What a lovely day for a family picnic, and a couple animal friends visiting

Steiff has always placed an emphasis on family and has excelled at creating families of Teddy bears. Who can forget Maximilian and Appolonia and their children? Well for 2016, Steiff has created a family that is out for a day of fun in the park, as they are going on a picnic.

Picnic Mama

Picnic Mama has packed a lovely basket for their trip

First up, we have the matriarch of the group, Picnic Mama. She is 12 inches tall and crafted from vanilla mohair with her nose and mouth embroidered in a shade of pale pink. She has her shawl in case she gets chilly, and she has her basket all packed for the family.

Whereas the other members of the picnic family have brought along things that they would enjoy, Mama is always the provider, bringing along food for everyone. Just like Mama to look out for everyone.

Picnic Papa

Picnic Papa is ready for a relaxing day along the south of France

Next is Picnic Papa. He is 13 inches tall and made of the finest mohair. He is dressed and ready to go on an outing along the south of France with his straw hat and stylish vest made of linen. And of course as he relaxes, he will enjoy a bit of vino with his lovely wife as they enjoy the day.

Even though this series of bears are a fun and more relaxed approach to the traditional Steiff Teddy, they still have all of the trademarks of a high-quality Steiff made bear.This includes the gold-plated Button-In-Ear and Steiff’s own special Schulte mohair. These new 2016 editions are light hearted and would add a wonderful element to the home decor of any wine or travel enthusiast.

Picnic Girl

Picnic Girl has a parasol to give herself some shade

Next up is the lovely daughter in the group, the Picnic Girl. She is 10 inches made of cream colored mohair and has a precious expression. She is absolutely adorable and definitely knows that she is the cutest member of the family.

She wears a lovely white lace collar the goes wonderfully with her working parasol made of cotton lace. This combination creates a wonderful and dainty Teddy bear that is perfectly suited for her day of picnicing.

Her brother has come to the picnic and has brought his kite. Picnic Boy is 11 inches and made of gold colored mohair.

Picnic Boy

This little guy has come to play

He wears a cotton, 2 tone collar and comes with his kite which is made of felt and comes with its colorful tail.

Overall, the picnic series for 2016 is a new adventure for Steiff inspired by lazy days on the countryside on the south of France. Steiff continues its tradition of creating high quality, lovable editions with this new, delightful family and is sure to warm the hearts of collectors.


2016 Looks Like A Banner Year For Steiff

Steiff has released their 2016 editions and there is a great deal to be excited about. New editions based on beloved characters, replicas based on their storied past, andĀ  excellent, brand new, inspired creations.Here we look into some of these exciting 2016 editions.

Winnie The Pooh

This wonderful Winnie has a music box plays Winnie's theme song

First we jump into a Steiff favorite, Winnie The Pooh. This little guy has continued to be one of the world’s most beloved characters and loved by millions. Steiff has done versions of him before, but this edition has something special. A music box that plays the iconic song Winnie The Pooh. This chubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff sits 8 inches tall and is made of Schulte mohair. This edition is perfect for any Winnie lover.

Little Tina

This beautiful Teddy is the precious new girlfriend of 2015's popular Little Tom

If you are looking for a Teddy with a picture perfect face, then look no further than Little Tina. She is the love of 2015′s popular edition, Little Tom. She has a delightful face and a beautiful Schulte mohair coat in a beautiful shade of apricot. Her satin bow is a beautiful finishing touch. She is a huggable 22 inches and 5-way jointed. This darling Teddy will be created in a very limited edition size of only 500 pieces world wide.

Teddy Clown Replica 1926 EAN 403279

A wonderful replica from a long gone age

Steiff has a long history dating back to the companies origins with Margarette and Richard Steiff. Through so many years, there have been many bears that were worthy of a remake. 90 years after it was originally created, Steiff is making a smaller version – 10 inches – of the Teddy Clown Replica 1926. This is based off of a clown Teddy that no one knew existed until recently, a clown bear with a black ruff. He turned up this year and re-wrote Steiff history. This replica edition for 2016 pays homage to this delightful Teddy and adds more history to this wonderful story.


Pluto is the latest edition in the series including Mickey & Minnie

Adding to Steiff’s collection of licensed Disney editions, this year Steiff is creating a handsome version of man’s best friend – or in this case, Mouse’s best friend. Pluto is the latest member of Disney’s sensational six that also includes Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, and Goofy. THis famous pup was originally a sidekick, but grew to be a star on his own. He is an 8 inch edition made of mohair and is jointed at the neck with an embroidered face and smile.

Willy Wonka

Who has the golden, ticket? Well Steiff of course

Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-dum come take a look at what Steiff has done. Based off of the famous character, this Teddy bear version of Willy Wonka is just as dapper and eccentric as the man he represents. This Teddy is based off of the original illustrations by Quentin Blake that were created for the stories written by Roald Dahl. This version is 11 inches tall and made of mohair. He wears a velvet tail coat and felt top hat along with his shirt, vest and polka dot bowtie. Everyone would like to visit the Chocolate Factory run by this whimsical bear.

Steiff Is The Name For Gift Givers

Whether you are looking for a gift for your baby to snuggle and begin their lifelong love of Steiff, or you are looking to help a collector grow their collection, Steiff has an incredible selection of gift ideas for the holiday.

jocko comforter

Who wouldn't love cuddling with this little guy

For the littlest ones in your life, Steiff has an entire line of items for children. Items like this adorable Jocko Monkey Comforter are sure to light up a child’s eyes on Christmas morning.

leo dangling

Your child will roar with delight

And as they grow, so will their love of Steiff. This delightful Dangling Lion is an adorable version of the king of the jungle. He is safe for ages 3 and up and will become a lifelong friend to your child. Many collectors still look back to their childhood to their very first Steiff companion with fond memories.

Rocky Riding Dragon

What a gift this would make for any child!

As children grow, if you are looking to give a gift that will outshine all others, a Steiff riding animal is surely to light up the holiday with excitement. Rocky Riding Dragon is almost 30 inches tall and quite the example of German engineering. He is built over a stainless steel metal frame that can hold up to 330 pounds. But your child won’t care about the engineering, that will just love how much fun he is to ride.

mouse reindeer

What a happy holiday pair!

For the collector in your life that just can’t get enough holiday cheer, this adorable pair is perfect. These two will brighten any holiday decor and are perfectly sized to fit anywhere.

This magical pair are absolutely adorable and the perfect way to have bring about a holiday smile. This mouse in his Santa hat along with everyone’s favorite reindeer are sure to make you smile.

Decarate Your Holidays With Steiff

Steiff has a long, storied history of creating wonderful holiday editions. From their traditional musical Christmas bears to their latest Ms Santa Claus Teddy, they have created many incredible editions to celebrate this most festive of times. In addition to their full sized Christmas Teddy bear editions, Steiff has also created a number of beautiful ornaments that can be used as decoration all over your home, or just your tree if you’re a traditionalist.

Felt Elephant Ornament

A perfect addition to any holiday decor

First up, harking back to their 135 year history, which started making felt elephants, Steiff has created an ornament to reflect on that rich history. The Felt Elephant Ornament is a beautiful felt elephant with a traditional Steiff saddle that is suspended inside a glass ball ornament. This beautiful ornament is a perfect combination of Steiff and traditional Christmas ornaments. The character is easily recognizable and the saddle in Steiff colors instantly gives him away, but the glass gives it a traditional look. In addition, the craftsmanship is beautiful. The elephant is hand made as one would expect, but you may be surprised to learn that the glass ball is hand-blown as well.

Winnie The Pooh With Honey Pot Ornament

Who wants some holiday honey?

This classic character will be recognized by any bear lover. This little fellow is a perfect rendition of the classic Disney character. The Winnie The Pooh With Honey Pot Ornament is an adorable edition made of mohair in the perfect honey color of the classic character. He is 4 inches and holds his HUNNY pot which is made of resin. This adorable edition is sure to bring a smile to the face of any Steiff lover who is a fan of the story of Winnie The Pooh and his favorite treat. Instead of getting stuck in the tree from eating too much honey, he will be decorating your tree while he enjoys his honey.

In addition to the Disney version, Steiff also has an ornament for the fans of Winnie’s real life inspiration… Winnipeg.

Winnipeg ornament

The real life Winnie

The cub on this Winnipeg ornament is based on the story of the black bear that was rescued by Lt. Harry Colebourne of The Fort Garry Horse, a Canadian cavalry regiment in World War I and became the inspiration for AA Milne’s character Winnie the Pooh. Winnipeg traveled with the cavalryman and his regiment from Canada to England and after the war, was left in the London Zoo where she delighted people for almost 20 years. One of those very people was the son of AA Milne, Christopher Robin, who loved the bear so much that his father created the Winnie The Pooh stories just for him. 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the story and Steiff has commemorated the story with the creation of the wonderful edition. This Winnipeg ornament is 4 inches and made of mohair and bears a striking resemblance to the historic bear.

Snowman Ornament

This ornament will bring a smile to anyone

Another delightful character that you can bring to your holiday decorations is The Snowman. He is based off of the characters from the children’s book by English author and illustrator Raymond Briggs. He was first published in 1978 and has delighted fans ever since. And now, Steiff has made a version of him that can join you for the holidays. He is 5 inches tall and made of mohair and features his trademark hat and scarf. His features include hand-stitched buttons and a hand-stitched tangerine nose that he is famous for.


Halloween Is A Fun Time For Steiff

A spooky black cat

This Williams-Sonoma Black Cat is ready to pounce into your Steiff collection

Steiff is known for its bunnies at Easter and its ornaments and holiday editions at Christmas, but there is another holiday coming up that is perfect for some spooky Steiff fun as well. Halloween is a time for candy, fun costumes and trick or treating, but jack-o-lanterns and spider webs don’t have to be your only decoration.

Steiff has a wonderful selection of black cats including this little Williams-Sonoma Black Cat that is ready to spring in to your Halloween decorations. This little fella is made of black mohair and has an orange satin bow. His incredible pose is perfect for Halloween as he sits, back arched and ready to pounce onto any trick or treaters.


Esmeralda by Steiff

Esmeralda has eyes that glow!

For those who like their cats to be more laid back, Esmeralda is the Halloween Steiff cat for you. This wonderful black mohair cat is curled up and looking up at you with a precious expression that will bring a smile to your face this Halloween. Steiff has made many cats and animal friends over the years, but this kitten has a special added touch. Here eyes glow in the dark, adding an extra bit of fun to your Halloween.

Eusebia Tarantula

A fuzzy little spider to sit down beside you

Finally, for those who like thier Halloween a little on the creepy side, there is always Eusebia Tarantula. This beautiful spider makes a perfect Halloween decoration with its eight legs and body made of woven fur and fangs made of felt. She is 7 inches making her the perfect size to sit atop your pumpkin or next to your candy dish. And though some may think she is spooky, we think she is actually pretty cute, especially compared to her real-life counterpart.



Two Beloved Characters Come To Steiff’s 2015 Fall Lineup

For generations, Warner Brother’s Looney Tunes have delighted fans of all ages with their zany characters and remarkable humor. The characters created from 1930 to 1969 still live on today in numerous children’s television shows and have truly grown to become cultural icons.

Bugs Bunny

Steiff would like to ask "What's Up Doc?"

The most famous of all of these beloved toons was Bugs Bunny. This “waskely wabbit” has charmed audiences for decades while outsmarting his counterparts like Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck. He made his debut in 1940 and is still at the top of the Looney Tunes cast of characters. So it is no surprise that for their 2015 Fall line, Steiff has created their version of this classic character, and he is perfectly Bugs and perfectly Steiff. He is made of mohair and stands 10 inches tall. The Steiff artisans have really hit the mark with this version, getting every detail, from his buck tooth grin to this white gloves to his cotton tail. Steiff’s version of this animated superstar is sure to please any fan of the classic cartoons. They have rendered his expression so perfectly, you can practically hear his trademark phrase “What’s up Doc?”

Joining Bugs in this Steiff lineup is another fan favorite The Tasmanian Devil. This crazy, spinning, adorably destructive character may not have the greatest vocabulary, but what he lacks in dialogue, he makes up with personality.

Tasmanian Devil EAN 355059

What a handsome devil

Steiff has created this mischievous little devil in an incredible likeness to the famous cartoon character. The original Taz debuted in 1964 and only appeared in 5 of the original Looney Tunes shorts. Over the years though, with other shows like Taz-mania, he has become a star in his own right. His puckish grin and fangs are set perfectly under his beady little eyes. He is made of mohair and stands 10 inches tall, making him the perfect complement for Bugs.

A Steiff Christmas In July

Christmas Baker Teddy Bear EAN 021244

Something festive is baking at Steiff and their mouse friend is getting the crumbs

Each year, while most people are thinking of pool parties and sun tans, Steiff brings the holidays to mind when they release their Fall lineup. This year, their holiday editions range from traditional ornaments to a festive Christmas Baker Teddy.

The Christmas Baker Teddy is dressed in his hat and apron which us adorned with golden buttons and embroidered snowflakes. He is holding a cookie cutter and gingerbread pony in his hands showing everyone the Christmas treat he has baked. This Teddy is 16 inches and made of mohair. He has the appeal and charm of the historic Teddys that Richard Steiff loved with a little modern touch to his holiday outfit.

And if you look under his kitchen table, another Fall edition is loking for a treat – the new Mouse is another fun character roaming the house this holiday. She is a wee 4 inches and wears an adorable pink bow. She is crafted from a Trevira velvet that glistens ever so lightly. Any crumbs left behind by the Baker with not go to waste this Holiday.

Teddy Bear Caspar Ornament

The second Wise Man has arrived

Steiff is continuing its series it began last year with the second of the Three Wise Men. This 4 inch mohair ornament is dressed as a traditional wise man and is wearing his crown and carrying his gift of frankincense. He is arriving this year to join his companion Melchoir who was part of the 2014 Fall editions and is dressed in a similar royal fashion. Next year, Balthazar will join them, completing the trio. The Three Wise Men were part of the story of Jesus’ birth to indicate how important the event was all over the world. The arrival of these three men – often referred to as kings – has become an important part of the traditional Christmas celebration.

Frederic Teddy Bear EAN 021275

Frederic is here to play a holiday tune

What is a holiday celebration without music? Steif has created Frederic, and he will play his favorite Christmas carol for you on his recorder. Actually, his internal music box plays ‘O how joyfully’ just wind him up. But, if you would like to play along, his recorder is as real as it gets, play along! He is a playful 11 inches tall and is made of the finest white mohair. He has a wonderful smile, hand-stitched of course, just as his nose, and is sure to bring a spirit of holiday cheer to your home, any time of year.

Mrs. Santa Claus Teddy Bear EAN 021381

I saw Mrs Clause kissing Santa

Finally, if you would like your holiday spirit a little on the sassy side, Steiff has created the perfect Teddy for you. The Mrs Claus Teddy Bear is a beautiful 11 inch Teddy in a rich red velvet, sleveless, minidress featuring arm cuffs and star shaped golden buttons. And to top it all off is her Santa hat that features a star accent of its own. And when you are decked out in this awesome party outfit, what more could you ask for than a little Jingle Bell Rock! That’s right, Mrs. Claus comes with an internal music box that plays this modern holiday favorite.

So even though you may see your thermometer reading close to triple digits, you can still get in the holiday spirit with Steiff. These editions will provide a festive air any time.