An Incredible New Limited Noah’s Ark From Steiff

Steiff is releasing an incredible and extremely limited edition as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Steiff Club. This version of Noah’s Ark is only available to Steiff Club members and is limited to only 500. The completed ark will be produced in 4 sets and will include matching numbers and certificates.

Steiff Noahs Ark full

A complete Ark showing the completed edition

This beautiful edition consists of 4 separate sets that combine into the perfect centerpiece for any Steiff Collection. All total, the edition will contain a 24 inch ark, Noah and his wife and 16 animals made of mohair that have come in groups of 2 of course. This stunning edition would make an incredible addition to any Steiff collection.

steiff noahs ark 1

Noah and his wife are aboard the ark along with 2 elephants.

The first set of the edition includes the ark, Noah and his wife and a pair of pachyderms. The wooden ark is beautifully stained and has a gold-colored Steiff button is attached to the front. The side of the ark has a door for the animals to enter. And that is just the beginning.

steiff noahs ark 2

Stripes and spots are next with the second set of ark animals

The second set of the edition will be a pair of giraffes and a pair of zebras. Both pair of these animals show off the exquisite printed mohair and superb airbrushing techniques of the artisans at Steiff. The male and female versions of the animals are easily recognized as they are differently sized and colored complementary.

steiff noahs ark 3

Gorillas and tigers in pairs, oh my!

Next up is 2 sets of mohair animals including a pair of adorable gorillas accompanied by a pair of tigers. The gorillas have felt faces, paws and ears while the tigers’ delightful stripes are printed. And again, the airbrushing by the Steiff artisans make this set complete.

steiff noahs ark 4

The final set contains 6 new animal friends for the ark.

And finally, your ark will be complete with a set of 6 animals including pairs of lions, camels and crocodiles. Each is beautifully airbrushed to bring them to life.

All in all, this completed edition is absolutely stunning. This Noah’s Ark combines the vision and craftsmanship that Steiff has been know for for over 100 years. Even Steiff’s founder, Margarete Steiff, would be proud to see this spectacular edition.

2017 Brings A New Collection Of Steiff Editions

Every new year, collectors eagerly await the release of Steiff’s new collection. For the 2017 collection, Teddy enthusiasts will find an eclectic mix of classic and contemporary editions including a mix of historic Teddys and even a set of swans that will make that special day even more special!

1906 Replica Teddy Bear

Relive the joy of discovering a vintage Teddy every time you see him

The 1906 Replica Teddy is a classic Teddy based off of the artisans vision of Teddys from Steiff’s glory days in the early 1900s. He is made to look distressed to give the collector the feeling that they have discovered a vintage Teddy from yesteryear. He has all of the hallmarks of a Teddy that would have been created in 1906, including his excelsior stuffing and his ear tag – based off of the early 1900s tag design – and Steiff button made of patinated steel. This Teddy will give you the feeling that you have discovered a vintage Teddy from long ago, every time you see him. This 2017 Steiff edition is sure to become a collector favorite.

Steiff Wedding Swan Set

A beautiful edition to commemorate that special day.

Normally when you think of Steiff, you think of their classic Teddys. But their renditions of other animal friends has enchanted collectors as well. This magnificent Wedding Swan Set will be no different. This lovely pair of swans are beautifully crafted of mohair by the Steiff artisans and can be put together to create a heart shape. They make the perfect gift for anyone who wants to share a token of their love.

Steiff Black Bear

Paying homage to the story of Teddy Roosevelt sparing the life of a bear cub

For 2017, Steiff has created an edition that commemorates the event that put the “Teddy” in Teddy bears. Simply called Black Bear, this Teddy pays homage to the bear hunt where President Theodore Roosevelt spared the bear cub that had been captured for him to shoot during a hunt. The story became a political cartoon that inspired the name “Teddy” bear and it has been used as the term ever since. This rendition of the spared black bear cub is 20″ and made of alpaca. What could be more historical than the creator of the Teddy bear – Steiff – making a new edition to honor the creation of the term “Teddy Bear”?

Steiff 2017 Character Editions Are Fantastic

The 2017 Steiff collection has a selection that every Steiff collector will love. Classic characters alongside Teddys based on Steiff’s rich history combine to create a new line that is fresh and new as well as familiar.

Steiff Pooh Bear 50th Anniversary

What an adorable version of this beloved character!

When you think of friendly characters, who could be more lovable and kind than Winnie the Pooh. Steiff has created this adorable edition – the Pooh Bear 50th Anniversary to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the contemporary Pooh – the first time ever that Steiff has created a Teddy of the modern version. This 16.5″ version is made of mohair and is sure to become the definitive version of this beloved bear. Steiff collectors and Disney lovers alike are sure to fall in love with this amazing rendition of their beloved Winnie The Pooh.

Sylvester The Cat

Sufferin' Succotash! Steiff has done it again with their rendition of Sylvester

‘Sufferin’ succotash!’ Just saying those phrase and you can’t help but think of the classic Loony Tunes character, Sylvester The Cat. This mischievous cat dates all the way back to the early 1940s where he made his debut, and he has been trying to catch that Tweety Bird ever since. Steiff has created a number of spectacular Looney Tunes characters in its recent collections and Sylvester is no exception. He is 13″ tall and made of mohair and is an incredible rendition of the classic character. From his embroidered eyes to his hand-stitched red nose, Steiff has put together a wonderful version of this classic character. When you see him, you can almost hear the lisp!

Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

A beautiful rendition from the classic fairy tale

If you think that going back to the 1940s is a classic character, the first printed version of Little Red Riding Hood dates all the way back to 1697! Steiff’s beautiful rendition of the Red Riding Hood And The Wolf is absolutely darling. This 6″ inch Teddy and the wolf are made of alpaca. She is in the classic outfit from the tale including her blue dress with lace accents, and of course, her beautiful red hood. She has a basket of goodies that she is delivering to Grandma that includes a blanket, a bottle of wine and some cake. Meanwhile, the wolf, as well as Red Riding Hood, has a hand stitched nose and features airbrushed details.


The Holidays Are Approaching Fast

Each year Steiff releases their new holiday selections to the delight of collectors all over the world and this year is no different. From a musical Father Christmas edition to a happy and fun snowman, this year’s holiday selection will fill everyone’s heart with cheer.

Monty Snowman Ted

Steiff has built a snowman

Would you like to build a snowman? Steiff would, and they did! Meet Monty. This delightful guy is made of mohair, but is so fluffy you would swear he was made of snowflakes. He certainly is a dapper fellow though, when you look at his wool felt hat and elegant striped scarf.And of course, what snowman wouldn’t be complete without a carrot for his nose.

The bear makers at Steiff even planned a special treat for Monty and the Musical Christmas Teddy by making the edition size 1225 – what a neat nod to Christmas Day!

And for anyone who is looking for a gift for the Steiff collector on their list, you won’t need to check it twice, because this Merry edition makes the perfect gift for any Steiff collector. He even plays Santa Claus Is Coming To Town with his music box.

Musical Christmas Teddy

This guy plays a holiday tune to get you in the spirit

This handsome Teddy is created to look like an traditional Father Christmas with his long grey robe. The embroidery on the robe also adds to his old world appeal. His long white beard gives you the feeling of an old, wise man that has come to visit you for the holidays. And being a musical Teddy, who wouldn’t welcome him into their home.

The Teddy itself is made of mohair and he is bringing you a holly leaf that has been crafted in felt and airbrushed with little details. The Steiff artists have given a very old world European feel to him and captured a very gentle expression.

Steiff Nativity Scene

The scene of the birth of Jesus created by the artists at Steiff

And for this Christmas, Steiff has gone back to where it started, The Nativity. This edition captures the scene of the manger and Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus all represented in sweet little Teddy bears. Inside the handmade barn made of spruce are the 3 Teddys as well as an ox and a donkey. Little baby Jesus is wrapped in swaddling clothes made of wool felt. The scene is a beautifully created and is sure to be an inspiring Christmas addition to a Steiff collection.

Steiff Brings Characters To Life

Steiff has a history of creating some of the most beloved characters in their own traditional style, while capturing the essence of what made these characters so charming.

Mickey Mouse 1932 Edition

Walt Disney himself asked Steiff to create the original in 1932

The Mickey Mouse 1932 Edition is a replica of a classic Steiff piece that Walt Disney himself had asked Steiff to create. 80 years after the original was created, Steiff has released a new 2016 version of this classic rendition. This version which Steiff has classified as an Archive Edition is a new classification given to specific pieces that are chosen to be re-released from the Disney vaults.

He is made from Trevira velvet and all wool felt with eye pieces cut from leather. This special design is called a pie eye cut and is a trademark of the classic edition that this is based off of. Mickeys outfit is a perfect match to the character from this period.


Dumbo 75th Anniversary Edition

Created for a special 75th anniversary, this Dumbo is sure to warm your heart

Another character that Disney fans have been dying to see in Steiff form is Dumbo. For the 75th anniversary of the release of this classic film, Steiff has granted their wish. This version of the cherished little elephant that teaches us all the power of self confidence is absolutely adorable! Steiff is confident that you will love him. He is made of mohair and all wool felt and his embroidered eyes perfectly match the character from the film. The artisans at Steiff have truly outdone themselves with this representation of everyone’s favorite Disney elephant. Your heart will soar when you see him and you will feel like you are flying with him.

Speedy Gonzales

Andale Andale! Arriba Arriba!

Another new Steiff edition that is sure to get your energy going is the new Speedy Gonzales. Epa Epa!

This edition is the perfect likeness for the famous character, known as the fastest mouse in Mexico. His embroidered eyes and nose look just like the animated version, and Steiff has even included a little tuft of hair peaking out. From his yellow sombrero to his red hankerchief no detail is overlooked.Anyone who loved this character from the cartoons is sure to fall in love with this special edition. You can just imagine him using his super speed to get some cheese and outrun that silly gato.

Daffy Duck

This Daffy Duck is far from despicable

Among the classic Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig, and the Tazmanian Devil, one of the most famous and popular is the screwball character Daffy Duck. Looking at this edition, brings back memories of all his crazy antics and adventures. Whether it be his adventures as Robin Hood or his run in with the abominable snowman. He is handcrafted from mohair and trevira velvet. His embroidered eyes perfectly capture the character’s expression and his smile is sure to bring a heartwarming grin to your your face.

Overall, these new editions are sure to lighten the spirit of any fan of these classic characters. Steiff continues their long history of creating editions of the highest quality that bring these classics to life.


Steiff Releases A Very Special Pair Of Teddy Bears

Every year Steiff has a festival in Giengen, Germany at the Steiff Museum. This year, the Steiff Summer Family Party was held from July 1st through the 3rd. As part of the annual celebration Steiff will release a new Teddy to be sold at the festival, but this year they made two.

Summer Festival BEar Set

What a colorful pair with a striking band of flowers to hold them together.

The Summer Festival Bear Set is colorful pair that shares a very special link that is created from their band of flowers. They are each a precious six and a half inches and made of turquoise and white mohair with contrasting stitched claws and noses that match their partner.

Limited to only 500 pieces this set was created to commemorate the 2016 festival – very few remain available to the public.

summer festival bears flowers close

What a lovely way to show this pair's special connection - a striking floral band.

The flowers on the band are red and white with green leaves. The red is especially striking against the turquoise and white mohair of the Teddys. The band is removable so the bears can be separated.

The Steiff designers have crafted a truly exquisite edition with these Summer Festival Bears. The combination of the cool turquoise colors accented with the ruby red roses makes an incredibly striking set.

The Fall 2016 Steiff Will Bring The Holiday Spirit To Your Summer

When you think about the middle of July, Christmas doesn’t jump to mind. But annually, Steiff releases their Fall line which includes their holiday editions and it brings a hint of holiday spirit into our lives in mid-summer. Whether you love Santa Teddys or more traditional Christmas editions, you will find something this year to love.

Mr and Mrs Clause

Mr and Mrs Claus are celebrating the holidays in the snow

Mr and Mrs Claus are 2 delightful new editions from the Fall 2016 Steiff line. Each is a festive 5.5 inches tall, made of cinnamon mohair and dressed in their classic Santa Claus attire. Their outfits are made of red felt with fur trim and as a special, final touch, each outfit is embellished with tiny holly leaves and berries. This merry couple is sure to bring some cheer into your holiday decor.

Steiff Nativity Scene EAN 021664

A delightful nativity scene featuring 3 Teddys and 2 manger animals

As a more traditional Christmas item, the 2016 Nativity Scene is a wonderful edition featuring 6 different pieces – 3 Teddys including a little baby Jesus Teddy, 2 animals, and a wooden manger. This scene has been represented many times through history, and now Steiff has created their own wonderful edition. The Teddys and animals are made of mohair, while the barn is made of spruce. Mary and Joseph are 4 inches tall and 5 way jointed. Joseph wears a frock while Mary wears a wool dress with golden trim and a understated cotton veil. Baby Jesus is swaddled in a blanket made of wool-felt. This beautiful edition is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays and is a perfect piece to decorate your home for the holidays.

Reindeer Teddy EAN 021732

This Teddy is ready for some reindeer games

A fun and delightful edition that just screams holiday cheer, this Reindeer Teddy is an incredibly fun and festive bear. He is 12 inches tall and made of tipped mohair, but what brings a smile to everyone’s face is his adorable Christmas outfit. His red had is trimmed with a material that has a bit of sparkle and of course, the topper is his wonderful antlers that are made of wool felt. As a final, festive touch, his chest is adorned with satin bows, a bell and felt holly leaves. If ever Steiff has made a more festive Teddy, this guy is sure to give them a run for the money.



A Loving Addition To A Steiff Favorite

Little Tina And Little Tom

What a perfect pair Steiff has created

In 2015 Steiff released a new take on on their classic line of Teddy bears. Little Tom was a handsome bear but with a new, incredibly playful look that would melt the heart of a millennial as well as the heart of a collector of the classics. He was a big 22 inch bear that was meant to be hugged, and his smile would make you want to do just that. And for 2016, Steiff created the perfect companion for this revolutionary littlew Teddy – Little Tina. Her apricot-clored coat is the perfect compliment to Little Tom, and her  face is so adorable that it is really no wonder that Little Tom can’t look away.

Little Tom

A handsome bear for a new age

Little Tom was created to form a bridge between the old and new. His traditional body and old-word hand crafted quality reflect back to an older time where toys were meant to be cherished for a lifetime. His curly schulte mohair is tipped with a darker brown shade, creating wonderful swirls of color and adding a richness to his coat. But then Steiff created that face. A sweet, big-eyed face that is a wonderful combination of traditional Teddy bear design and lighthearted fun. It is a perfect paring of classic Teddys and modern bears that are created in artist studios.His shaved muzzle and delightful smile are perfectly executed to create a warm and inviting expression that is sure captivate any Teddy bear lover.

Little Tina

A perfect partner for a perfect Teddy

So then Steiff asked what could make Little Tom even better? Well how about we create a partner for him that is made with the same values and qualities as Little Tom. And Little Tina was brought to life. Little Tina was created in the same huggable size as Tom with all the quality you would expect from Steiff. But again, this beautiful girl had a distinct face and expression that was a beautiful combination of classic and modern design principles. Her satin bow was the crowning final touch for an enchanting Teddy.

With Little Tina and Little Tom, Steiff shows that they are looking to the future while still holding on to the principles imparted by Margarete Steiff that made them great for over 100 years. Whereas trends and fads may come and go, quality made editions and solid design are always in fashion. Steiff has shown that they have a firm grasp on these principles and are able to incorporate new and fresh elements while still creating an heirloom quality Teddy that will be a family treasure for generations.




2016 Steiff Goes On A Picnic

Steiff picnic Teddy Bears

What a lovely day for a family picnic, and a couple animal friends visiting

Steiff has always placed an emphasis on family and has excelled at creating families of Teddy bears. Who can forget Maximilian and Appolonia and their children? Well for 2016, Steiff has created a family that is out for a day of fun in the park, as they are going on a picnic.

Picnic Mama

Picnic Mama has packed a lovely basket for their trip

First up, we have the matriarch of the group, Picnic Mama. She is 12 inches tall and crafted from vanilla mohair with her nose and mouth embroidered in a shade of pale pink. She has her shawl in case she gets chilly, and she has her basket all packed for the family.

Whereas the other members of the picnic family have brought along things that they would enjoy, Mama is always the provider, bringing along food for everyone. Just like Mama to look out for everyone.

Picnic Papa

Picnic Papa is ready for a relaxing day along the south of France

Next is Picnic Papa. He is 13 inches tall and made of the finest mohair. He is dressed and ready to go on an outing along the south of France with his straw hat and stylish vest made of linen. And of course as he relaxes, he will enjoy a bit of vino with his lovely wife as they enjoy the day.

Even though this series of bears are a fun and more relaxed approach to the traditional Steiff Teddy, they still have all of the trademarks of a high-quality Steiff made bear.This includes the gold-plated Button-In-Ear and Steiff’s own special Schulte mohair. These new 2016 editions are light hearted and would add a wonderful element to the home decor of any wine or travel enthusiast.

Picnic Girl

Picnic Girl has a parasol to give herself some shade

Next up is the lovely daughter in the group, the Picnic Girl. She is 10 inches made of cream colored mohair and has a precious expression. She is absolutely adorable and definitely knows that she is the cutest member of the family.

She wears a lovely white lace collar the goes wonderfully with her working parasol made of cotton lace. This combination creates a wonderful and dainty Teddy bear that is perfectly suited for her day of picnicing.

Her brother has come to the picnic and has brought his kite. Picnic Boy is 11 inches and made of gold colored mohair.

Picnic Boy

This little guy has come to play

He wears a cotton, 2 tone collar and comes with his kite which is made of felt and comes with its colorful tail.

Overall, the picnic series for 2016 is a new adventure for Steiff inspired by lazy days on the countryside on the south of France. Steiff continues its tradition of creating high quality, lovable editions with this new, delightful family and is sure to warm the hearts of collectors.


2016 Looks Like A Banner Year For Steiff

Steiff has released their 2016 editions and there is a great deal to be excited about. New editions based on beloved characters, replicas based on their storied past, and  excellent, brand new, inspired creations.Here we look into some of these exciting 2016 editions.

Winnie The Pooh

This wonderful Winnie has a music box plays Winnie's theme song

First we jump into a Steiff favorite, Winnie The Pooh. This little guy has continued to be one of the world’s most beloved characters and loved by millions. Steiff has done versions of him before, but this edition has something special. A music box that plays the iconic song Winnie The Pooh. This chubby, little cubby all stuffed with fluff sits 8 inches tall and is made of Schulte mohair. This edition is perfect for any Winnie lover.

Little Tina

This beautiful Teddy is the precious new girlfriend of 2015's popular Little Tom

If you are looking for a Teddy with a picture perfect face, then look no further than Little Tina. She is the love of 2015′s popular edition, Little Tom. She has a delightful face and a beautiful Schulte mohair coat in a beautiful shade of apricot. Her satin bow is a beautiful finishing touch. She is a huggable 22 inches and 5-way jointed. This darling Teddy will be created in a very limited edition size of only 500 pieces world wide.

Teddy Clown Replica 1926 EAN 403279

A wonderful replica from a long gone age

Steiff has a long history dating back to the companies origins with Margarette and Richard Steiff. Through so many years, there have been many bears that were worthy of a remake. 90 years after it was originally created, Steiff is making a smaller version – 10 inches – of the Teddy Clown Replica 1926. This is based off of a clown Teddy that no one knew existed until recently, a clown bear with a black ruff. He turned up this year and re-wrote Steiff history. This replica edition for 2016 pays homage to this delightful Teddy and adds more history to this wonderful story.


Pluto is the latest edition in the series including Mickey & Minnie

Adding to Steiff’s collection of licensed Disney editions, this year Steiff is creating a handsome version of man’s best friend – or in this case, Mouse’s best friend. Pluto is the latest member of Disney’s sensational six that also includes Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, and Goofy. THis famous pup was originally a sidekick, but grew to be a star on his own. He is an 8 inch edition made of mohair and is jointed at the neck with an embroidered face and smile.

Willy Wonka

Who has the golden, ticket? Well Steiff of course

Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-dum come take a look at what Steiff has done. Based off of the famous character, this Teddy bear version of Willy Wonka is just as dapper and eccentric as the man he represents. This Teddy is based off of the original illustrations by Quentin Blake that were created for the stories written by Roald Dahl. This version is 11 inches tall and made of mohair. He wears a velvet tail coat and felt top hat along with his shirt, vest and polka dot bowtie. Everyone would like to visit the Chocolate Factory run by this whimsical bear.